In memoriam

Giselle Vom Gebug FJ by Skogar FJ and Linette (DE) FJ by Olger FJ

May 03, 1994 – November 04, 2019

If Giselle left us at the end of 2019 at the age of 25, we do not forget her and she has her place among “OUR HORSES” because she and Gala made us discover the Fjordhorse.

Of an older type, Giselle measured barely 1.37m. However, she had pretty gaits that allowed her to work with our daughter and to do some show jumping competitions.

Our two “grannies” played a vital role in the breeding by giving us the desire to embark on this adventure.

In addition, it is thanks to their benevolent presence but not lacking in authority, that our foals are also nice, respectful and approach the various exercises in calm and curiosity, behind their “nannies”.

A big thank you Gigi for all these years of happiness…