We are two veterinarians who have owned Fjords for 25 years and are in love with this breed.
In 2014, we fulfilled a slightly crazy dream, a childhood dream: to set up our own Fjordhorse farm in Saint-Jean-En-Val, in Auvergne.

We bought our first two Fjords in 1995 while we were looking for horses for our children. Olivier came across, a little by chance, during a visit to a client, on a lot of Fjord foals that he had just bought ... we fall in love.

A month later, Giselle Vom Gebug and Gala du Climberg arrived at home… Today, they unfortunately left us at 25 years old but they accompanied us by taking care of the education of five generations of foals after their weaning, played the role of "nannies".

They remain present in our hearts and when we contemplate the foals they have raised and to whom they have learned calm, respect and trust in man, because it is Gala and Giselle who are, ultimately, at the origin of our breeding farm…

Our goals


Promoting this extraordinary and endearing breed to a wider audience

Changing the way you look at the Fjord : beyond a remarkable outdoor and recreational horse, it has real sporting capacities

Producing quality, kind, with a good mental and well trained horses that will fully satisfy their future owners and users

Our facilities

Since 2014, we have been developing and improving the facilities for the benefit of our horses.

The horses are raised outside, divided into small age groups (four and six horses on average) all around the house, which allows us to see and handle them twice a day, to feed them, considering each physiological stage and / or intensity of work, developing calm and serenity.




Our breeding program

Our goal is to produce kind, well-educated and sport oriented horses.

In order to achieve this objective and breed sufficiently large horses (around 1.50m tall ideally), with skills to be worked in classic riding, we select for our breeding mares stallions giving size, beautiful gaits, with sport model to lighten the breed.

So we did not hesitate to take the mares to Alsace, two consecutive years to be bred by Fjellkaisar, a very sporty Norwegian stallion who has left France today.

In early 2020, we acquired Optimist Halsnaes, a Danish Fjord stallion born in 2009, who has already produced more than forty foals and is also a dressage champion in Denmark.

We are very strict on the origins and make sure that there are no common ancestors over five generations.



Foal education


The foals follow a complete education and work program from birth (handling, giving feet, enjoying shower, van, training in leisure course, work in hand as well as in long run) until the breaking and working under the saddle.

The horses are haltered, handled, groomed from the first days. They learn to walk in hand from the first months, to get into the van, and so on…

They work in a loin round from the age of one year, first of all in freedom and then worked long in the following years in order to prepare for breaking in at three years of age.

They also participate in leisure qualification tests from the age of one or two years, in hand, then from 4 years, ridden, when they are more trained because our thinking is that these exercises are an integral part of their educational program.

Our training program


Our horses are trained in hand first then ridden in the classic disciplines: dressage (our favorite discipline), jumping and cross country.