LastNight - 2021

Foals / For sale

LastNight was born on March 27, 2021 by Optimist Halsnaes (DK) FJ and Ametyste d’Ober FJ by Merlin (DE) FJ.

LastNight is a curious colt, going very quickly to meet LedZep and LadyHawk. Very close to human from the beginning, we very quickly gave him the nickname of PR for Public Relations.

He is calm, pragmatic but nevertheless knows how to assert his presence within the group.

He was gelded at 5 months old.

A beautiful topline and 3 pretty gaits are promising for its future development. He will be tall, already measuring 1.40m at 16 months.

A foal with great potential, no doubt about it.

Fjord French Regional Championship:

  • 2021 : number 1 – 40/50
  • 2022: number 1 -41/50