Amétyste d’Ober is born on April 18, 2010 by Merlin (DEU) FJ and Rita d’Ober FJ by Tanngrisnir (BE) FJ.

She’s the group’s “blonde girl” – she is Rodblakk, which means that the middle of her mane is red and her hair is lighter, almost blonde.

Amétyste is “the leader” of the broodmare herd, a role she assumes with calm and serenity. It is a “quiet force”.

She is a very good mother, an excellent dairy like all our broodmares. She trusts us completely, both at the time of foaling and in the days that follow to approach and handle her foals, or in all circumstances. When we arrive, it’s a bit like she takes the opportunity to go about her business by entrusting her offspring to her “baby sitters”, us!

Amétyste is a mare with type, an expressive head, which measures 1.44m. His foals are kind, laid-back, with character, like their mother.