Impulse - 2018

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Impulse is born on April 20, 2018 by Fjellkaisar (NO) FJ and Armonie d’Ober FJ by Valdemann (NO) FJ.

She is a pretty filly, with temperament (the leader of the group of “I”), a lovely head with a long brown forelock, which gives her a lot of elegance and charm.

Slightly smaller than Idyllix and InXS, she looks very pretty and finished second at Rosières au Salines, in the 1 year old foals / fillies category.

At 3, she finished 1st in the Regional Fjord in the 3-year-old fillies’ category with a score of 40/50.

Her start at work under saddle at 3 years old reveals a beautiful locomotion and a natural balance.

Impulse is also a labeled France Dressage mare since July 2022.

She has been covered in 2022 by Optimist and confirmed pregnant in order to give us a first foal in 2023.