Chloé d’Ober is born on April 30, 2012 by Merlin (DEU) FJ and Rina d’Ober FJ by Brand (NOR) FJ.

She is a tall and beautiful sporty mare, with beautiful gaits, powerful. She measures 1.50m and makes us beautiful and large foals. Intelligent, with an expressive head, a bold personality, she is a bit out of the way in the group (since arrived in 2017) but granted us her confidence which allowed us to gradually build an even stronger relationship compared with the one we have with Ametyst and Armonie.

More protective of her foals at birth, she now accepts that we approach them from the first days.

We find her calm and thoughtful character in all of his foals with whom, so far, we also find the size and sport type of their mother.

NEW! Chloé has been accepted as dressage mare by France Dressage