France Dressage Competition Saint Cyprien (42) on August 06, 2022

We were on Saturday 06/08/2022 in France Dressage at the Ecurie des B Elevage des B  in Saint Cyprien 42 with Feelings and JustForYu.

We had a great day – a big thank you to Jessica Bravard!

  • Feelings is labeled France Dressage with the nice score of 78.5%. Congratulations Feelou!
  • JustForYu scores below with 70.75% because he is growing and not finished. On the other hand, he had an exemplary behavior and we are very proud of it.


Many thanks for the wonderful photos of Julie Tonneus !


The Fjords de Malfournier breeding now has 5 mares with the France Dressage label!

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