Fantasia - 2015

Foals / For sale / Horses at work

Fantasia d’Auvine by Merlin (DE) FJ and Melba D’Auvine FJ by Morten (DE) FJ is born on April 12, 2015.

She joined the breeding program in 2016 to keep company with Feelings with whom she was raised.

She finished second at the National Breeding Fjord 2018 in the category of 3 years old riders.

Fantasia is about 1.45m tall even if it is not yet final size.

Fantasia is a female filly, hardworking, determined at work that she started since the summer of 2018. Easy on a daily basis, she is raised outside in the group of trained horses, she is close to the man, attentive and cuddly.

Fantasia is for sale. She is a filly who is waiting to build a special relationship with her future owner.

She has beautiful gaits, impulse, a lot of energy and certain skills for sport whether on dressage or jumping.