Jazzman - 2019

Foals / Sold

Jazzman is born on April 19, 2019 by Fjellkaisar (NO) FJ and Ober FJ’s Amétyste by Merlin (DE) FJ.

Jazzman is the biggest foal we ever had – we had to help Amétyste during foaling, which is exceptional !

We castrated him at one year because of a few rare white hair on his head, but this foal has a very nice conformation, sporty, which should continue to develop in a good way.

He is a posed, elegant foal, inseparable from his half-brother JustForYu but who also plays a lot with his real brother InXS since they both have the same parents … and the same birthday!

During his breaking in, he met his future owner Gwenaelle and was sold in June 2022.

A nice colt, tall, harmonious, with good gaits and good jumping skills, he is still in the Puy de Dômes which allows us to see this couple grow. We wish them to share wonderful emotions together.