Optimist Halsnaes

OPTIMIST HALSNAES is a Danish stallion, born on May 23, 2009, by Rånn (DK) and Denna Halsnæs (DK) by Pikant Halsnæs (DK).

Optimist is a Danish sporty stallion with an expressive head, beautiful gaits (especially the canter) and an excellent character.

Best Danish stallion in 2013, with evaluation scores of 9989 88 899 9, he measures 1.47m.

He has produced more than 40 foals in his country of origin.

He is also a Dressage champion in Denmark (Gold medal in 2013 (4-year dressage), silver in 2014, 2016 and 2017 as well as at the Nordic Championships in 2019).

He is registered in the Danish sports studbook since 2015, and joined in 2019 the sports studbook with medal (the best level).

We imported it in March 2020 and we welcome its easy daily nature as well as the sporting challenge it represents for us in order to continue to enhance it in dressage.

Mainly trained at home, he also competes in Dressage Amateur 3 & 2 tests.