Feelings - 2015

Foals / Horses at work

Feelings Malfournier FJ, by Edwin (NL) FJ and Klosterhof’s Wilhelmine (DE) FJ by Stedjeblakken FJ, is born on May 17, 2015.

She is the first filly of our breeding program.

Feelings is an adorable filly, very close to humans, willingly joking which earned her the nickname little “Feelou” – “filou” is trickster in french.

Feelings measures 1.45m and if it takes a few more centimeters it will remain smaller than its mother, of which it nevertheless has the model.

Presented at one year in Leisure Label and then in two years in Leisure qualification, she is not afraid of anything, performs all the exercises with curiosity and happiness – She is “Selection” in Leisure label (and even Elite in Friendly Leisure Label).

Feelings measures 1.46m and if she really started work the year she was 6 years old, she shows great predispositions in dressage.

Her first amateur competitions are intresting and she never ceases to amaze us. She has the potential and the character to perform in the future !

Feelings is also a labeled France Dressage mare since August 2022.