JustForYu - 2019

Foals / Horses at work

JustForYu is born on April 19, 2019 by Fjellkaisar (NO) FJ and ChloĆ© d’Ober FJ by Merlin (DE) FJ.

JustForYu will be tall – he seems to be following in the footsteps of his half-brother Hercule for the moment.

Very curious, he is always in the front row, whatever happens and if he does not push the others, he always comes back calmly without being impressed by the speed of the other foals.

He is calm and thoughfull, which does not prevent him from having character – rarely the first to do an exercise, he prefers to observe what is happening with others, while being glued to us …

JustForYu has grown a lot, which makes difficult to assess its future model. He has pretty gaits and lots of potential for this so nice colt who never ceases to amaze us.

JustForYu is the first Fjord horse to have participated in the French 3-year-old Sport Championship organized by the FPPCF (Federation of Ponies & Small Horses of France) during the Sologn’Pony 2022 in Lamotte Beuvron.

JustForYu did us so proud and, if he misses the podium by a hair, finishing 4th out of seven ponies in section E, he obtains superb results with:

  • The SECOND NOTE at the RIDIND GAIT: 15/20