Jingle – 2019

Jingle is born on April 29, 2019 by Fjellkaisar (NO) FJ and Armonie d’Ober FJ by Valdemann (NO) FJ.

She was the smallest of the 2019 foals which never stopped her from being the leader among her two brothers and, after weaning, among the two year old foals.

She is a pretty filly, teasing, sparkling, adorable, with for the moment a slightly lighter dress, who intends to make her place in the group of foals and not to be forgotten during the exercises!

Gin -2016

Gin de Malfournier FJ, filly born on 05/17/2016, by PLUTON D’OBER FJ and AMETYSTE D’OBER FJ by MERLIN (DE) FJ – SOLD

Gin is an adorable filly, who have found in Nathalie her soul mate in September 2020.

As a perfect rider, Nathalie will be able to make Gin progress both in dressage and jumping, and Gin really loves to work with her.

We’re so lucky that she stays in Puy de Dôme, so that we  will be able to see the couple evolution and progress, that makes us so happy.

Thanks a lot Nathalie for your trust. We wish you both a lot of fun together !

Fantasia – 2015

Fantasia d’Auvine by Merlin (DE) FJ and Melba D’Auvine FJ by Morten (DE) FJ is born on April 12, 2015.

She joined the breeding program in 2016 to keep company with Feelings with whom she was raised.

She finished second at the National Breeding Fjord 2018 in the category of 3 years old riders.

Fantasia is about 1.45m tall even if it is not yet final size.

Fantasia is a female filly, hardworking, determined at work that she started since the summer of 2018. Easy on a daily basis, she is raised outside in the group of trained horses, she is close to the man, attentive and cuddly.

Fantasia is for sale. She is a filly who is waiting to build a special relationship with her future owner.

She has beautiful gaits, impulse, a lot of energy and certain skills for sport whether on dressage or jumping.

Feelings – 2015

Feelings Malfournier FJ, by Edwin (NL) FJ and Klosterhof’s Wilhelmine (DE) FJ by Stedjeblakken FJ, is born on May 17, 2015.

She is the first filly of our breeding program.

Feelings is an adorable filly, very close to humans, willingly joking which earned her the nickname little “Feelou” – “filou” is trickster in french.

Feelings measures 1.45m and if it takes a few more centimeters it will remain smaller than its mother, of which it nevertheless has the model.

Presented at one year in Leisure Label and then in two years in Leisure qualification, she is not afraid of anything, performs all the exercises with curiosity and happiness – She is “Selection” in Leisure label (and even Elite in Friendly Leisure Label).

Since the summer of 2018, she has started ridding work, progressing at her own rhythm but always with good will. She will probably be a bit late, but she works with a lot of courage.

JustForYu – 2019

JustForYu is born on April 19, 2019 by Fjellkaisar (NO) FJ and Chloé d’Ober FJ by Merlin (DE) FJ.

JustForYu will be tall – he seems to be following in the footsteps of his half-brother Hercule for the moment.

Very curious, he is always in the front row, whatever happens and if he does not push the others, he always comes back calmly without being impressed by the speed of the other foals.

He is calm and thoughfull, which does not prevent him from having character – rarely the first to do an exercise, he prefers to observe what is happening with others, while being glued to us…

JustForYu is currently growing a lot, which makes him a bit difficult to appreciate his conformation, but looks good when moving. That seems to be very promising with a lot of potential for this foal.

Idyllix – 2018

Idyllix is born on April 09, 2018 by Dylix (DEU) FJ and Chloé d’Ober FJ by Merlin (DE) FJ.

She is a pretty filly, tall, elegant, with a very expressive head, a natural balance when she moves, very curious and super cute.

She is applied and learns quickly (she gets into the van atthe first time when 10 months old).

She finished first in the 1 year Fjordhorse contest at the Regional  Ponies Cahmionship in Vichy with a grade of 16 regarding locomotion and praise worthy comments from the judges.

Idyllix is ​​a promising filly, which should be tall, and we are waiting a lot from her.

Impulse – 2018

Impulse is born on April 20, 2018 by Fjellkaisar (NO) FJ and Armonie d’Ober FJ by Valdemann (NO) FJ.

She is a pretty filly, with temperament (the leader of the group of “I”), a lovely head with a long brown forelock, which gives her a lot of elegance and charm.

Slightly smaller than Idyllix and InXS, she looks very pretty and finished second at Rosières au Salines, in the 1 year old foals / fillies category.

Hercule – 2017

Hercule is born on April 09, 2017 by Torsetblakken (NOR) FJ and Chloé d’Ober FJ by Merlin (DEU) FJ

Hercule is a very nice colt, calm and not afraid of anything which does not prevent him from having a lot of character – he also likes to be spoken to kindly -). He became a gelding at 3 months.

From his first year, Hercule shows a lot of balance in his movements, even in freedom. At two years old, he seduced the PFS judges by his locomotion (a grade of 16 for the gaits) and his ability to improve in free jumping (a grade of 14.5) during the Regional Ponies Championship in Vichy.

At 3 years old, he already measures more than 1.50m.

At work in the loin round, he shows an excellent trot, with elasticity and a lot of balance … He will start the work under the saddle during 2020 summer.

Geek – 2016

Geek Malfournier FJ, gelding born on 15/06/2016, by PLUTON D’OBER FJ and ARMONIE D’OBER FJ by VALDEMANN (NO) FJ – SOLD

Geek left us on October 24th 2020 to join his new family, the Riding Equine Center at Andernos (33, near Bordeaux).

We miss him a lot but we’re sure he will be loved and well trained by his new owner an coach. We hope to have good news in future regarding his sport results !