Our mares foal “outside” or rather in a large open barn of almost 50m², in their pasture.

We have attended all births since 2016 because they spend the end of their pregnancy under monitoring – thanks to a foaling belt (Birth Alarm) which calls us when the mare is lying down, when she is going to give birth (even if we have a s of “false warnings”!).

Beyond the happiness of attending these magical events, this allows us to ensure that the mare is delivered quickly and correctly, to be able to disinfect the umbilical cord early, to check that the foal gets up, suckles, urines and makes its meconium from the first hours…

Even if with Fjord mares, births happen most of the time very well, this close monitoring has already allowed us to be present and perform obstetrical interventions, by repositioning a foal that was blocked in the pelvic bones and that the mare could not deliver.


Amétyste d’Ober is born on April 18, 2010 by Merlin (DEU) FJ and Rita d’Ober FJ by Tanngrisnir (BE) FJ.

She’s the group’s “blonde girl” – she is Rodblakk, which means that the middle of her mane is red and her hair is lighter, almost blonde.

Amétyste is “the leader” of the broodmare herd, a role she assumes with calm and serenity. It is a “quiet force”.

She is a very good mother, an excellent dairy like all our broodmares. She trusts us completely, both at the time of foaling and in the days that follow to approach and handle her foals, or in all circumstances. When we arrive, it’s a bit like she takes the opportunity to go about her business by entrusting her offspring to her “baby sitters”, us!

Amétyste is a mare with type, an expressive head, which measures 1.44m. His foals are kind, laid-back, with character, like their mother.


Armonie d’Ober is born on April 12, 2010, by Valdemann (NOR) FJ and Lykkeranda (NLD) FJ by Havstad (NLD) FJ.

Armonie and Amétyste have been bred together since their birth and are like two fingers of one hand.

Armonie measures 1.43m, she is Brunblakk and is a classic type model.

She is extremely kind, with us as with her foals, for whom she is an excellent mother. His foals are very very close to humans, from the first days, they are particularly curious and interested in their environment and everything we do.


Chloé d’Ober is born on April 30, 2012 by Merlin (DEU) FJ and Rina d’Ober FJ by Brand (NOR) FJ.

She is a tall and beautiful sporty mare, with beautiful gaits, powerful. She measures 1.50m and makes us beautiful and large foals. Intelligent, with an expressive head, a bold personality, she is a bit out of the way in the group (since arrived in 2017) but granted us her confidence which allowed us to gradually build an even stronger relationship compared with the one we have with Ametyst and Armonie.

More protective of her foals at birth, she now accepts that we approach them from the first days.

We find her calm and thoughtful character in all of his foals with whom, so far, we also find the size and sport type of their mother.